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Give now to save a life and create compassion

Your donation gives the gift of hope, love, care, and endless treats so the animals can focus on inspiring and teaching more kindness.

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Giving Them Life Creates Compassion!

EPIC Outreach is an education farm sanctuary that is home to farm animals in need. On average there are 40+ animals at any given time from horses, donkeys, chickens, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, a rabbit, and PIGS, so many pigs! Each animal finds their way to the sanctuary after being abandoned, rescued from neglect, found a stray, or they are simply unwanted and no longer being cared for. No matter their circumstance they are given a promise of health and happiness. Your gift makes a daily difference and keeps that promise by providing feed, hay, veterinarian and overall daily care to the animals!

YOU provide the animals with safety and security knowing they can live in peace, good health, and happiness. The animals in turn serve to be ambassadors for change sharing their rescue stories to inspire kindness.

Will you support the animals so they can continue to share their love to create more compassion?